On Ice Sheets and Glaciers

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Confusion has been caused in the past by the assumption that local Alpine glaciers afford a model of the methods and conditions of Alpine ice sheets. Nothing can be more misleading than to infer from the habits of little tongues of ice flowing down steep valleys that sheets of ice covering milions of square miles moving outwards under the pressure due to their own thickness of 10,000 feet or more at the centre will act in the same way. ...

The Malaspina glacier, which is a piedmont ice sheet no longer sufficiently fed by its tributary glaciers descending from the snow fields of Mt. St. Elias, is very rapidly disappearing even under the chill sunshine of latitude 60°. If the remnant of the Labradorean ice sheet wasted at a similar rate under latitude 53° with a warmer climate than the present, it could only have lasted a few hundred years and must have melted completely long before the middle of the interglacial period of the Toronto formation.

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